Navacord is opening up a new avenue for growth for Canada’s entrepreneurial insurance brokers.

As a network of independent brokers, Navacord has the stature to offer its partners enhanced risk services,
deep sector expertise, strategic capital, and access to and influence with carriers.

Who we are

Navacord is a Canadian platform to benefit the independent insurance brokerage community. The company is a nationwide partnership of entrepreneurial brokers with deep roots in local business communities. It was created with the mandate to help build and guide the best performing brokerages in the country, while keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive.

Partners can expect:

  • Access to a wealth of specialized expertise and innovative solutions
  • Access to superior sales tools, resources and best practices
  • Assistance with recruiting and training high-performing Producers
  • Strategic support to enable you to focus on growing your business

Why partner

Brokerage consolidation is taking place at an extremely rapid rate. As consolidators, insurers and multi-national firms continue to acquire brokerages it is becoming more and more difficult for locally based brokers to thrive.

Navacord reverses this trend.

Its business model enables partners to remain majority broker owned, while focusing on organic growth, producing healthy profits, and internal perpetuation. Each broker will maintain their regional focus, but will benefit from a wealth of expertise, innovation, buying power, and enhanced talent management that will help keep them in the game.

Partnering with Navacord offers:

  • National buying power/leverage with insurance companies and suppliers
  • National marketing platform including administration and IT support
  • World class tools and programs to help support organic growth
  • Access to best practices refined by premiere brokerages across the country
  • The ability to thrive and compete with multi-national brokerages
  • Options for employee advancement across geographical jurisdictions
  • Flexible options for partnerships, partial or full buy-out & internal succession
  • Equity opportunities for key personnel at the national and regional levels

Who should partner

Navacord is seeking opportunities with best-in-class brokerages that offer the group:

a ) Geographic reach

Navacord aspires to build key anchor brokers across Canada that offer support to local brokers throughout the country.

b ) EBITDA growth and financial strength

Navacord is searching for partners with a history of strong financial success and a passion for organic growth in their region.

c) Management strength

Navacord believes in strong leadership, and is looking for brokerages that embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and value a sales-driven culture.

d ) Cross-promotional synergies

Navacord is pursuing partnerships that enhance its depth of expertise in niche areas of risk management and commercial insurance.

Founding Partners

Navacord was established by three dynamic insurance industry leaders – Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management Inc. (JDIMI), Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers and Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. Each brings stability and longevity, as well as unique and complementary values to Navacord’s partner firms and their clients. They have the reputation of established brands in the broker community and a proven track record of fast organic growth, while maintaining profitability.

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