March 23, 2021

Celebrating Navacord’s Remarkable Women – Hailey Taskey

What does the 2021 International Women’s Day slogan, #Choosetochallenge mean for you in your work life?

Break barriers, do things that would never be expected, push out of your comfort zone and grab success.

Your current job is _________. Is this role what you expected to be in when you started in the workforce? How did it
change? Tell us about your journey.

Partner/Senior Advisor. Not what I expected, it was the role I was always working towards, but when I started in the industry it felt so far away with many barriers in the way. I originally wanted to be a dentist, and I started in the insurance industry by answering phones and decided to not go back to university and work my way up. I then moved into an assistant role, then account management role and so on. I never settled for where I was, I always wanted more and failure was not an option. Lots of hard work and lessons along the way, but you can always get to where you want to be with hard work.

What barriers have you faced, as a woman, in becoming successful in your field? How did you overcome them?

I was really young when I started in the industry. This along with being a woman made it difficult to be taken seriously. It took a long time to become an expert in what I do, understanding how to work with people, relate to them as well as be great in our industry. I still have these challenges today, but when you get the chance to prove your expertise, and experience, peoples perceptions change. I have built some very solid relationships based on my knowledge and the way I work with people. Working to change perception is always tough, but all worth it.

Based on your own experience, what advice would you give to women considering jumping into the insurance industry?

The opportunities are endless in this industry. There is always something to learn, and areas to advance your career. Hard work will get you to where you want to be.

How important is it for women to lift each other up and what does that mean to you?

There is not enough support between women in business. We are a strong force that has the ability to bring success and different perspective to all areas of business. When we work together, we can make anything happen. Having women supporting each other, creates an unstoppable force.