Every day, design professionals must navigate an ever-growing list of professional challenges. There are new design technologies to adopt, broadening contractual requirements to meet, sustainability concerns to consider, and client expectations to manage. This means that even the most competent architect and engineer is at risk of litigation — putting their professional reputation and financial stability at risk.

Navacord partners can help mitigate these risks. We offer broad and responsive insurance coverage for design professionals including engineers, architects and surveyors.

Navacord offerings include: professional liability insurance, general liability, property, auto, cyber liability, director’s and officer’s liability, and much more. We can provide coverage for operations throughout most of the World, ensuring you’re protected wherever you’re working.

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With a diverse portfolio, Lloyd Sadd works with organizations from across the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Lloyd Sadd represents a cross-section of Canada’s most reputable and competitive insurers and has access to the international insurance market.

Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management Inc. (JDIMI) is one of the largest independent insurance firms in Canada. As an independent brokerage, JDIMI offers all of the benefits of a large company with the perks of a smaller firm.

Iridium Risk focuses on risk management and prides itself on a passion for excellence, motivating its in-house experts to think longer, look deeper, and work harder than the competition.

With diverse clients spanning Canada and the U.S., JDIMI Consulting offers both insurance solutions and financial management strategies, including corporate and employee benefits, and estate planning.

Whitley is well regarded as a market leader in auto, property, life and investments for both personal and business insurance needs. Whitley Insurance and Financial Services will develop a complete, simplified and individualized plan for your family or business that not only provides insurance protection but personal service that reviews your needs as you grow and accumulate assets.