For food and beverage companies, success is about much more than the tastiness of their products. Even profitable companies can have a short shelf-life if their food products are contaminated and people get sick. Legal costs, fines from regulators, and reputational damage can mean the end of a business.

Navacord partners understand the industry and work with diverse food processing, manufacturing, and distribution companies to reduce and mitigate liability risks. In-house experts work with clients to identify risk exposures and create a risk management plan to reduce the likelihood of food contamination, product recall, food spoilage, supply chain disruption, and other adverse events. As a second line of defense, we’ll create a comprehensive insurance program that may include: product recall, machinery breakdown, business interruption, and plant, equipment, and stock liabilities.

Partnering brokerages bring to the table decades of industry experience and extensive knowledge. This allows us to leverage strong relationships with insurance providers to offer preferred rates.

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With a diverse portfolio, Lloyd Sadd works with organizations from across the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Lloyd Sadd represents a cross-section of Canada’s most reputable and competitive insurers and has access to the international insurance market.

Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management Inc. (JDIMI) is one of the largest independent insurance firms in Canada. As an independent brokerage, JDIMI offers all of the benefits of a large company with the perks of a smaller firm.

With diverse clients spanning Canada and the U.S., JDIMI Consulting offers both insurance solutions and financial management strategies, including corporate and employee benefits, and estate planning.

Whitley is well regarded as a market leader in auto, property, life and investments for both personal and business insurance needs. Whitley Insurance and Financial Services will develop a complete, simplified and individualized plan for your family or business that not only provides insurance protection but personal service that reviews your needs as you grow and accumulate assets.