Navacord’s Investor Relations

Navacord’s Investor Relations

Navacord's Investor Relations

Requests to Access Financial Information

Navacord Corp. (“Navacord”) is a privately owned company and limits access to its financial information. Existing or prospective holders of the company’s 10.500% Senior Notes due 2030, as well as security analysts or market makers, are qualified to access the following:

  1. A Secured System in which the company publishes certain reports and press releases necessitated by the indentures governing the Notes
  2. A conference call held by the company to discuss such reports and the results of operations for the applicable reporting period

Once your financial request application has been received, you will be sent the information needed to obtain access to the Secured System. Upon submitting the application, you accept that the company reserves the right to adjust the terms of your access to the Secured System or future conference calls, at any time and without notice.


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Financial Request Form

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