Partner With Navacord

Navacord reverses acquisition trends. Brokerage consolidation is taking place at an extremely rapid rate, which Navacord addresses in a creative way. Typically, insurers, multi-national firms, and private equity acquired brokerages are making it more difficult for regional brokers to thrive and strategically plan for the future.

We Partner Differently

Our business model enables firms to remain competitive and diverse, while focusing on growth and healthy profit production. Each brokerage we partner with maintains its regional focus-giving customers a local, boutique experience-yet still benefits from Navacord’s larger, supportive network with our wealth of expertise, innovation, stability, buying power, and enhanced talent management. Being part of our national group gives smaller firms a chance to compete with the larger ones

What Partnering With Navacord Offers:


Access to best practices refined by premiere brokerages across Canada.


Flexible options for partnerships, from partial or full buy-out, and internal succession.


Support from a national marketing platform that includes administration, human resources, and information technology support.


Equity opportunities for key personnel at the national and regional levels.


World-class tools and established programs to help support organizational growth.


Options for employee advancement across geographical jurisdictions.

Our Competitive Advantage


Allow broker partners to remain owners and control over operations, and contribute to and leverage Navacord’s success.

Financial Capital

Provide access to capital, as required, while aiding growth and succession.

Sales Support

Assist brokers in generating and managing sales to drive industry-leading, aggressive growth.

Preferred Access

Maximize your influence with carriers through the scale of our network, to secure preferential services and options are delivered.

Who Should Partner


Navacord believes in strong leadership. Brokerages that embrace the entrepreneurial, creative spirit and value a supportive, sales-driven culture will find value in the management strength Navacord offers.

Geographic Reach

Navacord aspires to build key anchor brokers across Canada and offers full-service financial, IT and HR support to local brokers throughout the country.

Financial Strength

Navacord continually searches for business partners with experience in different sectors, a history of strong financial success, and a passion for aggressive growth in their region.

Cross Promotion

Navacord pursues opportunities that enhance its depth of expertise in niche areas of risk management and commercial insurance.

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